La Foncière Numérique - A journey through the structure of the buildings.

BIM realtime on Furioos

Put on your hard hat and get ready because this user story will take you on a journey through the structure of the buildings.
We are proud to welcome Vincent Barué from La Foncière Numérique, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialist who uses our Furioos streaming technology for his SaaS platform "BIMRealtime"
Did you think a smartphone wasn't powerful enough to display miles and miles of cable and pipes in 3D? It is time to review your judgment.

Who are you?

Foncière Numérique is a French company with more than 40 employees (IT developers, architects, engineers, real estate specialists, etc.).
They are developing a platform that manages and operates digital real estate avatars (digital twins of buildings).

Where are you based?

In the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in a place called “The Bureau”.

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What do you do?

We make our clients' real estate assets accessible on any device, even on their phone.

Our clients are real estate companies / owners / investors who no longer just want to own their properties but who also want to take back control of their data.

We are the first in France to create a single data repository per building, a #digitaltwin, bringing together all strategic asset data (financial, legal, regulatory, market, architectural and technical in #BuildingInformationModeling or BIM) allowing the various players in the real estate value chain to access and enrich the information base of each building. The aim is to better manage the value of the asset, to make it more fluid and to better control its design and operating costs.

We have therefore developed a SaaS platform solution capable of connecting itself to any source / information system, of structuring and making reliable via machine learning all forms of data typologies to restore, through dedicated business applications, strategic information summaries (dataCheck, dataRoom, dataViz, DPM, dataBIM, dataProject) and finally the "BIMRealtime" application, the subject of this article since it uses the Furioos streaming technology.

Where can we find you online?
(Foundation-bnd is one of La Foncière Numérique's entities in charge of the #BIM and the development of the BIMRealtime application)

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Hi Vincent, thanks for taking the time for this interview! Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

I am a trained DPLG Architect, specialized in BIM (Building Information Modeling) for more than 10 years.
I am one of the co-founders of Foundation-bnd (2009) and La FoncièreNumérique (2017).
My job is a crossover of my passions for architecture, virtual worlds and new technologies.

Above all, I have the opportunity to work on a daily basis alongside partners and collaborators with complementary expertises who share the same desire and vision.

Over the years, we have been able to design many virtual experiments, experimenting each time with the latest technologies and methods, from polygonal 3D, to nurbs, to object language, real-time, VR, AR, web, etc.

It is now exciting to experience the exponential growth of computing power and streaming solutions that continue to amplify the immersion and availability of works while strengthening creativity.

Do you remember how you discovered FURIOOS, and why you decided to switch to this solution for streaming your applications?

We were looking for a solution capable of streaming one of our 3D applications (BIMRealtime) dedicated to gamification and simplifying access to the digital model and discovered Furioos via Unreal Engine information networks.
We had previously used the solution but it did not give us complete satisfaction.
At Furioos, we have discovered a French company that is available, attentive to our needs and has an interface and a technology that is superior to the competition.

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How do you see the AEC market evolving? Which trends are you observing?

The construction and real estate markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated (regulations, environmental requirements, IT developments, etc.), generating a strong need for rationalization but also an exponential amount of data.

Because the worlds of design, construction and operation remain fragmented and siloed (especially in France), all the data is highly dispersed, therefore not very available, poorly qualified and rarely kept up to date.

This generates redundant expertise costs throughout the life of the building and impacts the efficiency of all players in the real estate value chain.

On the positive side, the design-build market has slowly but surely appropriated rationalization methods and tools such as BIM and more and more real estate investors are demanding a digital twin when their project is delivered. The challenge lies in the implementation and web porting of these digital models, which entails large amounts of data, so that they can be used for business purposes and kept up to date by the ecosystem of operation and maintenance stakeholders.

The real estate market is perhaps the last to digitize itself but it is doing so at full speed (which is very challenging), and soon each building will have as in the automotive, aviation, etc. its digital twin to optimize maintenance costs... Real estate becomes e-Real Estate :)

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From your perspective, how is BIM changing the way people design, build and manage their buildings?

BIM means “Bien Investir Maintenant” which can be translated as "Invest Well Now" :) ... uh, no sorry, that means: "Building Information Modeling / Management". It is the modeling of building information in the form of a database.
This collaborative working method based on a single 3D "object" repository (the digital model) is positively revolutionizing the design-build and operation-maintenance sectors. In general, whatever the phases, BIM and digital models make the business lines more efficient and inter-operable, making it possible to anticipate errors, secure the quality, meet deadlines and fix costs of operations.
BIM federates around a common vision and the model automates many previously laborious and time-consuming data extractions.
Finally, the digital model becomes a foundation for 3D applications allowing people to respond very quickly to communication / marketing / valuation of goods.

It is therefore very damaging, despite the positive feedback from many years of experience abroad, that France is now one of the last countries in the world to impose the BIM under construction (2022 vs 2016 in the UK for example).

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How does a 3D streaming platform such as Furioos and its API help you improve your business?

3D streaming gives the "super power" of ubiquity to our "BIMRealtime" application dedicated to BIM, just like Youtube allows you to instantly share a video anywhere in the world.
Our application is able to quickly transform any digital model into a fun and interactive "video game", while the Furioos streaming solution makes our application available in the cloud, thus on any media, shareable via empowerment.
3D streaming is necessary to satisfy our real estate clients’ needs, who are rarely equipped with computers with graphics capabilities.

Which new feature would you like to be implemented in Furioos before the release of the commercial version?

First, congratulations to the Furioos teams. We believe that some points can still be improved: improved flow, fine link authorization, more advanced web encapsulation, smartphone application?

Aside your work at Foundation BND / La FoncièreNumérique, what hobbies or sources of inspiration do you have?

3D! BIM! Gamification! Environment!

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Vincent BARUÉ

BIM Disruptor

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