David Baylis - La touche Française


He’s smart, super talented and -last but not least- French :)
We are proud to welcome David BAYLIS for this second user story.
Prepare to be inspired by his super realistic 3D applications.
David, bienvenue à toi!

Who are you?

Hey! My name is David Baylis, and I work as a 3D Artist.

Where are you based?

I currently live in Vancouver, BC Canada. Fun fact, I am originally from Lille, just like the Furioos team!

What do you do?

I work as a 3D Visualization artist.

Where can we find you online?


Hi David, thanks for taking the time for this interview! Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m a 3D Artist living in Vancouver BC, Canada. I’m originally from Lille, France (just like you guys !)
I have a passion for Architecture and Automotive design. I tend to do one or the other depending on my mood.
I love spending my spare time researching new tools and ideas to add to my inventory.

What are the tools and softwares you use to create your real-time application?

I use 3DS Max for the modeling process and/or for the rendering process. I find it has great support for the Archviz industry. It supports files from Revit, Autocad, Sketchup which makes it easier to start your project if needed.

Datasmith is an another excellent addition to the software, which allows you to export all of your 3D scene (including shaders, lights, and camera) inside Unreal Engine.

For the texturing process, I like to use Substance Painter, especially with the live-link for Unreal, giving you instant feedback in your scene.

Substance Source comes in handy because of the variety of materials, the automotive materials are my favourite.

My other weapon of choice is Megascans, they have a massive library of scans delivering excellent results in renderings.
Definitely a must have tool especially when it comes to environments, although they are starting to focus on Archviz as well which is great !

Do you remember how you discovered FURIOOS, and why you decided to switch to this solution for streaming your applications?

Browsing through the Unreal Engine forums, I found this bespoke real-time Archviz rendering, and with a bit of research, I found this studio named Obvioos.
When I found it was in my hometown, I couldn’t believe it! I stayed in contact with Christophe, the owner, and gradually saw the evolution of the company with the release of FURIOOS.
Switching to streaming meant no more struggling sending big files and not having to worry about the client’s PC spec, drivers, etc.…
You can just upload your executable file on the FURIOOS platform, wait for it to upload, and share the link to the client so he can use his regular browser to play.
As tech people, we sometimes underestimate the knowledge the client about technology, and delivering an easy solution is the best that it can get.

How do you see the archviz market evolving? Which trends are you observing?

Real-time. We all saw the capabilities of real-time nowadays, it comes close to traditional renders, and for most clients, they are more than satisfied. Being able to be very flexible with the project and make cinematics/convert in VR takes only a couple of hours/days.
With the unveiling of RTX technology, we can soon use ray-tracing technology and have more realistic results for reflection/refraction which was still causing the gap between offline rendering and real-time.
I still do a lot of offline rendering, a good mood/angle/ quality is worth a lot and still used in majority in companies.
Having that extra skill of using real-time is definitely important when it comes to applying for a job nowadays.

Which new feature would you like to be implemented in Furioos before the release of the commercial version?
Definitely waiting for the iOS support, that will help many artists that have to struggle with iOS deployment (We have all been there.. :D). Keeping the high fidelity graphics of your PC but running on your tablet in a few clicks.
The second feature I’d like to see, although not important yet and hard to achieve is supporting 60 FPS.


Is there an archviz studio or artist that inspires you? Why?

Brick Visual, The Boundary are my favorite archviz studio.
I find the details in their renders jaw-dropping, and the mood they give with lighting is amazing.
And from what I see on social media, they love what they do, and it shows in their renders!
Arqui9 is also interesting as they are mostly post-production focused which makes them sort of unique.

Aside from architectural visualization, what hobbies or sources of inspiration do you have?

Automotive Visualisation! I absolutely adore cars, their design, sound, history mean a lot.
In fact, I also specialize in automotive rendering.
Living in the supercar capital of North America does not help the addiction going away either...
Photography, for interior design / automotive design is also something I like to watch.
It only helps to improve your skills in the 3D world.
I also like hiking in the beautiful mountains here in Vancouver.
It really inspires me to see how beautiful nature can be, and it’s good to get some fresh air sometimes!



3D Rock-star

Christophe Robert