Dynativ4 - Real-time 3D from Bogota to Miami


For this first interview, we are thrilled to welcome our friends from Dynativ4
We owe them a lot because they were among the first to register for the beta version of Furioos
Let’s dive with them in the world of real-time 3D
An exciting trip between Bogota and Miami
Thanks you guys!

Hello guys, welcome to Furioos, can you tell us tell us more about you ?

We are an Interactive ArchViz Studio based on GPU cloud technology.

Where are you based?

Our HQ is in Bogotá, Colombia,
Miami/Florida coming soon : )

What do you do?

We design architecture visualization.
Our main focus is set on the interactive experience, aimed to Real Estate vendors, Investors, architects and builders.
But not only them, we want regular end buyer people visit properties remotely from his couch from any device.
We want this to become massive.

Where can we find you online?


Hi Pablo, thanks for taking the time for this interview! Can you tell us more about yourself?

Sure. I will be the most synthetic I can : )
My Journey with the 3D technology started in 1995 with 3D studio 3.
Since 2001 to 2014, I worked in several animation studios in Buenos Aires. My position in these studios was character artist and designer.
In my last time as employee, I used to lead 3D teams character modelers.
After all these years I meet people who worked in archviz, and once I understood is not only a technical field but artistic, slowly started to falling in love with this industry.
I always dream about to have my own studio but there were a piece left to do it. Lot of studios already do it damn well. There were not enough reasons for me to enter into this.
Then, the piece appears : Unreal Engine 4 ( if you love something, set it free ). I still remember the emotion I felt when i discovered it. Unreal opens a endless creative possibilities portal!
After this, there was no doubts. I connect these things together and found Dynativ 4 with my partners Tatiana, and Daniel.


Do you remember how you discovered FURIOOS, and why you decided to switch to this solution for streaming your applications?

I discovered Furioos thanks to google after 2 years searching and testing other cloud providers. We found our company with interactivity in mind. In fact, it is what we really want to sell in the end.
Unreal allow us to build any idea we have, and we have a lot.
We have spent much energy and time into solve the cloud solution. Now that we found you, we can finally make focus in our real job.

How do you see the archviz market evolving? Which trends are you observing?

Our logo represents our vision : connectivity / 4th industry revolution.
Somebody says " internet is a baby that still´s learning to walk". I strongly believe this.
There's no doubt the internet evolution/revolution train transport several industries on him, Archviz is one of them.
The mankind future is interactivity and connectivity. Distances will be over. Firsts flying cars targeted for 2022, strong advances in Artificial Intelligence, worker Robots are almost ready, VR/AR devices will become smaller and cheaper, GPU Cloud technology bigger stronger and cheaper, etc.
Archviz will be the bridge to show and use all these revolution to connect with people and customers. So, I guess the Archviz trend direction is clearly a bull.


Which new feature would you like to be implemented in Furioos before the release of the commercial version?

Current usage features exceeded our expectations.
But an added important feature for us would be a kind of partnership plan.
Where you share incomes from our customer streaming usage with us.
A Front end Customized UI Skin with our brand and streaming pricing plans.
I´m aware this feature is not something easy to reach for the commercial early release, but maybe something to study for the future.

Is there an archviz studio or artist that inspires you? Why?

We have no a particular influence at the moment. We are new in the field and we are learning from the big ones.
There's a lot talented artist in the world but we trust in our own creativity and DNA.

Aside from architectural visualization, what hobbies or sources of inspiration do you have?

Inline skate / Music composing / ArmA 3.



a.k.a 3D crusader | 3D artist and designer



A.K.A LARA CROFT | SEO and Real Estate



A.K.A POL | Lead Developer and designer

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