Any 3D application available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

FURIOOS transforms nearly any device with an internet connection into the 3D workstation of your dreams. It simply outsources any task your device cannot execute:
it delivers power and speed in the palm of your hand.

A PC running Furioos - cloud gaming technology on any browser

Any Windows application available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Simply use a web-browser on your device to access all your Windows applications.
Your 3D application will be streamed from our data centers instead of running on your computer.
You can control the app or interact with it using your mouse, keyboard or touch screen.
Our Cloud Gaming technology is the best on the B2B market.

Uploading your application on Furioos is a piece of cake!

Adding any Windows application on Furioos has never been that easy.
Simply drag&drop a ZIP file containing your application and… That’s it!
Furioos will automatically locate the corresponding .exe file and take care of all the uploading process.
While your files are uploading, you can customize the thumbnail of your app or its description.

Importing a 3D application on Furioos, cloud gaming for 3d applications
sharing a file on Furioos, cloud gmaing technology for 3D applications

Share your awesomeness!

On Furioos, you can share all your 3D applications in one click.
Simply share the Furioos URL, and we take care of everything.
No Furioos account is required to run the applications shared by our users.

You can also embed any application into any website by simply copying and pasting the iFrame created by Furioos.

FURIOOS is multiplatform

With Furioos you can store any 3D application on your device, you can share it with anyone and stream it to any other device.
You can even turn your smartphone into a powerful new 3D workstation.
Unleash power, speed and creativity with this revolutionary service !

Furioos Multiplatform 3D streaming platform

Come and join our brave and beloved beta testers!


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